GoogleResizeManagedInstanceGroupsParameters Object


Parameters for the Google Resize Managed Instance Groups action.



Registered credentials to use with the action. One and only one credential must be specified.

Type: Array of string

Required: Yes


List of the names of the managed instance groups that are to be started.

Type: Array of string

Required: No


List of comparisons to use when comparing managed instance groups by their name. Cannot be specified if groupNames is specified.

Type: List of GoogleManagedInstanceGroupNameComparison object.

Required: No


New size of the managed instance group.

Type: integer

Required: Yes


Regions to use with the action. Omit or specify null to include "all regions".

Type: Array of string

Required: No


Time (in seconds) after which the managed instance groups will be reverted to their previous settings.

Type: integer

Required: No

Matching Managed Instance Groups

The following fields are used to match managed instance groups:

  • groupNames

  • groupNameComparisons

Omitting all of the above properties is equivalent to "All Groups".

Specifying only groupNames is equivalent to "By Group Name".

Specifying one or more of the *Comparisons properties is equivalent to "By Comparison Filter".

Sample JSON

    "credentialIds": [
    "regionNames": [

    "groupNames": [
    "newSize": 0,

    "revertTimeInSeconds": 43200

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